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Train on your schedule, from your home or office, no travel required!  

Our online training is all encompassing. Yes, you will learn how to use your new Irrigation Kit but you will also learn valuable techniques to guide you through your leak detections, and business practices. Whether you already have one of our kits and are looking to further your leak detection knowledge or are starting from scratch, this course has something for you.

These skills will allow you to stand out above your competitors and earn top dollar while being successful in the leak detection industry.

  • Learn from the home or office, at your own pace. No need to book flights, or spend money on a hotel!
  • This course is all encompassing. Aside from training in leak detection we will provide you with valuable marketing and business tools- from sample contracts and estimates to website building aids.
  • Unlimited technical support at no additional charge.
  • Already have our equipment? Choose our base-level package to purchase training only.
  • Company listing on our Leak Professional portion of the LeakTronics website.

Online Courses Come with Unlimited Access To:

  • Our Online Virtual Leak Detection Course
  • Sample contracts and estimates
  • Website Building Aids
  • Marketing Assistance

You also receive:

  • Unlimited Technical Support from experienced LeakTronics team members
  • Company Listing with Link Exchange for your Website
  • Leak Specialist Logo, pictures, videos and content for your website if requested
  • 5 year extended warranty

Basic Online Course (Without Irrigation Kit): $ 880.00
Full Online Course with Irrigation Kit: $4,416.50

  • Estimated delivery time 14-30 days
  • 18 months warranty at Genuine Warranty Center.
  • Whats in the box: charging cable and block
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Product details

LeakTronics Online Irrigation Leak Detection Course teaches the most accurate and reliable methods of Irrigation Leak Detection, using the equipment in the Included Kit and gives recommendations on how to run a successful and profitable leak detection business. Adding services to your current business model? LeakTronics training program can train the entire shop! See what it entails below. You can be prepared to perform your first leak detection in as little as a week.

Online Irrigation Leak Detection Course Outline

Introduction Module

Our introduction module will give you a clear insight into what the course entails, along with important insights for you to know before you begin.

  • Introduction to who we are and what we offer.

Module 1 / The Irrigation Kit

In this module we will be giving you a comprehensive overview of the Irrigation kit and how its components are used most effectively in the field.

  • Introduction to the Irrigation Kit
  • Overview of the tools and their effective use
  • Identification and explanation of each tool and it’s parts
  • Helpful demonstrations for Irrigation Leak Detection
  • Other useful equipment you can add-on to enhance your work performance

Module 2 / Performing On The Job

In this module we will show you how we perform complete Leak Detections using the Irrigation equipment in the irrigation Leak Detection Equipment Set.

  • Commercial Irrigation
    • A Walkthrough on a Country Club Golf Course
    • What to expect and how to prepare for the job
    • Using the PG-2 and the Soil Probe
  • Residential Irrigation: Leak and Line Locating
    • Finding lines under soil and concrete
    • Proper use of the Pressure Rig
    • Using the Soil Probe and Deck Plate Attachment
  • Finding a leak that caused low pressure in a sprinkler line
    • Identifying the issues
    • Capping Sprinkler Heads
    • Pressuring a line to find the leak with accuracy
  • Finding a leak in abandoned irrigation lines
    • Locating abandoned lines with the PG-2
    • Pressure testing and applying air and water to find a leak
    • Mapping lines and finding leaks under concrete
  • and more …

Module 3 / Getting on the job and getting paid

  • Getting prepared to take the call, arrive and get the job done right
    • Understanding effective Customer Psychology
    • Best business practices for success
    • Finding leaks and lines with accuracy
  • Leak Detection Commandments and Considerations
    • Advising on expectations when performing as a service provider
    • Important Do’s and Don’ts
    • Key Points for Success
  • Discussion on what makes your business successful
    • Converting to repairs
    • Marketing yourself to your prospective cutomers
    • Outpacing the competition

Module 4 / Business and Marketing

In this module we will discuss getting online and reaching out to the community

  • Creating your online representation / website
  • Marking concepts and outreach
  • Downloads for further reading

Module 5 / Course review and self testing

20 questions to help you know if you’ve absorbed what this course teaches.


A Proven Method

Our patented LeakTronics equipment changed the Leak Detection landscape. The industry has been riddled with antiquated equipment that lags in performance and just works poorly, costing homeowners and commercial businesses thousands in unnecessary repairs, high water bill payouts and wasted time. Some of those same tools, unfortunately, are still being sold online and in tool stores as modern methods for Leak Detection. It costs the technicians both time, and a lot of wasted money.

Worldwide, professional Leak Detection contractors trust Leaktronics equipment every day to run their business. Add to this, our proven methods of Leak Detection that comes from years of practical experience and you have guaranteed success in your business.

Business and Marketing

Aside from the Leak Detection training, you will learn business practices and marketing strategies to ensure that your business is set up for success! From sample invoices and call sheets, to web building and advertising, we’ll give you the tools to make your business complete.

We’ll also provide you with a company listing and a map location on our FIND A PRO area of our website to give you a visibility boost. We also give a direct link from our website to yours, to boost your organic ranking on major search engines.

Please check our Find-A-Pro Locator to see the expansive network of contractors receiving daily leads from Leaktronics. We provide you with leak detection content and information for your website, as well as product pictures, available video links and more.

Minimal licensing is sometimes required to perform Leak Detections, check with your state on this.

Outstanding Technical Support

We’re in it for the long haul, and know that our trainee’s success depends on our support and guidance! When you’re in a pinch, we will always do our best to answer your calls and give you expert advice for the tough jobs that you may encounter. Our website is a hub for Leak Detection knowledge, informative articles, helpful videos and operating manuals that are available 24/7 from your mobile device or desktop. We are constantly building upon our extensive knowledge-base, adding new tips and techniques, along with troubleshooting information. If you’re old-school, and prefer speaking with a human, our technical support team can be reached by telephone during business hours or by email daily.


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