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Start performing leak detection work today and turn those leak detections into paid repair work. With LeakTronics Online Training Platform, Equipment and Customer Service; you’re ready to take any customer call.

Your package includes:

Unlimited Access to the Plumbers Online Training Platform

  • Learn the art of precision plumbing leak detection using the Plumbers Kit
  • Get Insights on operating a successful leak detection business
  • Get paperwork downloads and reporting features
  • Learn about better customer psychology
  • Train the entire shop to perform thorough leak detections
  • Call LeakTronics with questions at any time, even on the job!

The Complete Plumbers Leak Detection Kit

  • The LT1000 Amplifier with LeakTronics proprietary Phantom Power Technology for enhanced listening and leak detection
  • Deck Plate for listening under solid surfaces
  • Pipe Probe for listening on stub-ups, valve handles, directly on pipes and under soil and landscaping
  • The Pressure Rig for pressure testing and injecting air and water
  • The Soft Sided Listening Disc for accurate detecting behind delicate surfaces
  • 5-Year Repair/Replacement Warranty Included

  • Estimated delivery time 14-30 days
  • 18 months warranty at Genuine Warranty Center.
  • Whats in the box: charging cable and block

Product details

LeakTronics Online Plumbing Leak Detection and Certification covers all the methods of leak detection, use of equipment and give recommendations on how to run a successful and profitable leak detection business. Adding services to your current business model? LeakTronics certification training program can train the entire shop! See what it entails below. You’ll be prepared to perform your first leak detection in as little as a week.

Online Plumbing Leak Detection Course Outline

Introduction Module

The introduction module will give you a clear insight into what the course entails, along with some important information for you to know before you begin.

  • An Introduction to LeakTronics
  • The important differences between metal and plastic plumbing and locating the leaks in them
  • Commercial versus Residential Plumbing Leak Detection
  • Powerpoint slides and a course walk through

Module 1 / The Plumbers Kit

In this module you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the Plumbers Leak Detection Kit and how its components are used in the field.

  • Get an Introduction to the Equipment in Plumbers Kit
  • Take an overview of the effective use of each piece of equipment in the kit
  • Explanation of maintenance and best methods of use
  • Helpful demonstrations for successful Plumbing Leak Detection

Module 2 / The Process

In this module we will be covering explicit details on Professional Leak Detection, from the customer’s first call to submitting your findings and getting paid.

  • Taking The First The Phone Call
  • Understanding why the customer is calling
  • The Call Sheet and the important questions to ask
  • Understanding of Customer psychology
  • Arriving on Site & Taking The Initial Walk through
  • Babysitting the meter
  • Meter isolation for leak identification
  • The Importance of access on the property
  • Effective use of the Equipment during your walk through
  • Performing the Complete Leak Detection Process Methodically
  • How to guarantee pinpoint accuracy
  • The importance of stub-ups
  • Locating the Leak, wherever it is
  • Leak Sounds and How To Make Them
  • How to back up your findings, verification of the leak you suspect
  • Properly finishing a customers job and leaving the property
  • How to properly describe your findings
  • Getting paid and submitting your report to the customer
  • How to write a proper invoice
  • Best recommendations on getting paid

Module 3 / Helpful Tools

Review Add-On Leak Detection tools that can enhance your job.

      • The F.L.A.S.H. System
        • Intro to the F.L.A.S.H. System and its purpose
        • Specific situations that are best suited for the F.L.A.S.H.
        • How to use the F.L.A.S.H. to locate lines and leaks with pinpoint accuracy
      • The Hand Held Video Pro Cameras
        • Introduction to the Hand Held Video Pro cameras
        • When to use the Hand Held Video Pro. Cameras
        • How to best utilize the Hand Held Video Pro on your jobs
      • The PG-2 Pulse Generator
        • Introduction to the Pulse Generator and its purpose
        • How the Pulse Generator works best
        • Types of jobs that are best suited for a Pulse Generator

Module 4 / Case Studies

In this module we will be providing a comprehensive walk through of specific jobs we have performed and how the knowledge we gained from that experience will aid you in the field.

      • Cases Studies, description of the job from start to finish, pictures and video
      • Examples of how to handle specific situations you may encounter on the job
      • See how we found leaks and submitted reports like you were there

Module 5 / Business and Marketing

In this module we will be outlining business and marketing tools that you can use to start your business, or grow your current operation!

      • Building a website
        • Options for hosting your site
        • Website content, SEO and blogging
        • Ways to keep your customers engaged on your site
      • Advertising and Marketing
        • Print advertising vs online
        • Simple marketing tips to keep you ahead
        • A full overview of Google Analytics to keep track of your web performance
        • A full overview of Google AdWords to help you effectively advertise online.

It’s a Proven Method:

LeakTronics patented equipment has changed a leak detection market riddled with antiquated equipment that lags in performance and works poorly, costing homeowners and commercial businesses thousands in unnecessary repairs and wasted time. Some of those same tools, unfortunately, are still making their rounds till this very day! Thousands of professionals use LeakTronics equipment and techniques on a daily basis, on real leak detection and inspection jobs of all sizes and scopes, earning top dollar. You will do the same. Call for more information or enroll today and we’ll get you started with Inspections and leak Detection today!

Business and Marketing Assistance From LeakTronics

Aside from the leak detection training, you will learn business practices and marketing strategies to ensure that your business is set up for success! From sample invoices and call sheets, to web building and advertising, we’ll give you the tools!

We’ll also provide you with a company listing and a map location on the “Leak Professional” area of our website to give you the visibility boost. We also provide a direct link from our website to yours, to boost your organic ranking on major search engines.

Please check our Find-A-Pro Map to see the expansive network of contractors receiving daily leads from LeakTronics. We provide you with leak detection content & information for your website, as well as product pictures.

Minimal licensing is needed to perform leak detections in some locations, check with your state board on this.

OutStanding Technical Support

We’re in it for the long haul, and know that our trainee’s success depends on our support and guidance! When you’re in a pinch, we will always do our best to answer your calls and give our expert advice for the tough jobs that you may encounter. Our website is a hub for leak detection knowledge, informative articles, helpful videos, and operating manuals that are available 24/7 from your mobile device or desktop. We are constantly building upon our extensive knowledge-base, adding new tips and techniques, along with troubleshooting information. If you’re old-school, and prefer speaking with a human, our technical support team can be reached via email or telephone.


Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 10 in
Course Type

Full Course With Plumbers Kit ($5,505.50), Basic Course Without Plumbers Kit ($1,980)

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